Magnificent Seven’s Rise of Tiamat!

No Room at the Inn

Traveling through a torrential rain storm and soaked to the bone the Magnificent 7 and rest of the caravan find themselves at a roadside inn. It is very warm looking and the smell of fresh homemade food is overwhelming.

The heroes enter the inn and find a kindly, but scared portly inn keeper. He lets the adventurers know that there is no room here, as it has been booked up, along with the stables. He points to six nobles seated around the table in the common room and says these men have bought the whole place out for the night. The nobles give a derisive smirk toward Arthur and his friends.

Arthur is having none of it. He moves immediately to forcibly eject the nobles from the inn. Nizitz and Callie notice the nobles move with a speed and grace not natural for a noble and they are all armed with short swords.

Zatara recognizes one of the men as a wanted man and another as the Assassin who tried to kill her and Callie before this adventure began. It quickly becomes apparent they entire group is made up of skilled assassins.

The fight is fast and furious, but the Magnificent 7 prevail. Nizitz, with his eyes always on the prize, takes some heads to collect bounty in Waterdeep. The group finds plans of a murder plot on the assassins for leaders of Waterdeep.



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