Magnificent Seven’s Rise of Tiamat!

North of WaterDeep

Our Adventurers get ready to leave Waterdeep as members of the High Road Charter Company, when a suspected member of the dragon cult bumps into Helja. He look at her and says “haven’t we met?” Helja quickly says no, but his look lingers as he walks away.
The caravan leaves Waterdeep and heads north to Carnath Roadhouse. Not far out the city as the group makes its way through foothills, before descending into the marsh lands a strange storm starts to form. It’s strange because, the day was sunny and bright with no clouds in the sky at all, then suddenly dark clouds formed and began to rain. Thunder, lighting and unrelenting rain convince the Caravan Master to call it an early day at a top a small rise in the forest and the party makes camp.

Trying to stay dry in the torrent isn’t easy, but our heroes manage to do it. Nizitz takes the opportunity to do a little spying, which unfortunately turns up little results.

In the waning hours of night, there is heard a loud crack, as a lightning bolt streaks down and strikes a tree near the camp. The tree falls and almost hits Helja as she sleeps. Luckily the wagon she is sleeping under saves her. The wagon bears the weight of the tree and keeps it from crushing everything under it.

After some commotion, Pete Lightmagic’s familiar comes up to him and lets him know the source of the lighting is magical. A few moments later Nizitz’s familiar, Fizz, scampers up to him with a parchment and he is able to discern that this was a scroll with possibly two spells on it.

The strange storm and lighting bolt seem now to have an explantion!



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