Magnificent Seven’s Rise of Tiamat!


As the party begins to descend out of the hills and approach the marsh lands, they find themselves traveling next to a tree line and a river. Everyone in the caravan seems tense and on edge. The Caravan captain seems a little less phased, since they are approaching the Mere of the Dead and the final destination is close.

Suddenly from the tree line a battle horn is heard and javelins begin to rain down on the convoy. Orcs appear from the tall grass and begin to attack the convoy. The Magnificent 7 charge into action!

Arthur takes on the leader, which turns out to be an Ogre. There is a tremendous back and forth, but Arthur handles himself brilliantly and slays the Ogre; however when the ogre falls dead, it falls on Arthur. He is trap under an Ogre for a while as the massive bulk keeps him pinned down.

Meanwhile Zatara fights mightily against several orcs and swings her sword in a blinding fury. So furiously that she makes several fumbles and even at one point hurts herself with her own sword; in the long run though she defeats every foe that stands before her.

Callie launches arrows like Zeus’s lightning bolts and slays Orcs left and right. While Hadrar works his way around to protecting Callie’s flank, with his sword.

Pete Lightmagic casts his magic and enhances his defense with a shield of flame, only to be struck unconscious by a near fatal hit from an Orc club.

Helja takes a massive blow from an Orc, but is able to hold on and slay him.

In the end the Magnificent 7 are able to defeat the raiding party and safely get the caravan to the roadhouse.



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