Magnificent Seven’s Rise of Tiamat!


The hustle and bustle of Carnarth Roadhouse is over seen by a large Half Orc named Bog Luck. He directs the wagons and the off-loading of the same. Our heroes notice that he marks certain crates which are separated and store in a special room, inside the warehouse area.

Later that night while everyone is at the tavern having drinks and food, Nizitz sneaks a peek at Bog lucks room. He discovers that Bog Luck is more smart than he pretends, as he discovers books on history and science. Unfortunately, he finds of nothing of use for the heroes.

Callie on the other hand, sneaks out of the tavern and stealthily breaks into the warehouse. Here she discovers a group of lizard folk unloading the marked crates and smuggling valuables out of a tunnel.

Meanwhile Helja gets called out in the tavern by one of the cultist and is challenged to a duel. Restricted from using magic, Halja uses her martial skills and defeats her foe, earning the respect of the tavern goers.

Callie reports her intel to the group and they decide to follow this new clue. The party sneaks into the warehouse and then makes their way into the secret tunnel. The tunnel leads several hundred yards from the roadhouse and opens into the swamp and marsh.

The Magnificent 7 wonder what lies in store for them in the Mere of Dead Men.



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