Magnificent Seven’s Rise of Tiamat!

Spider Wood

As the caravan winds its’ way north, they come across some woods. No sooner do they enter the wood as three giant spiders try to ambush the group and take their horses and draft animals. The Magnificent 7 having faced big bugs before doesn’t even blink before going into battle. At this moment three more monsters exit the woods, these bipedal monstrosities look like a cross between a spider and human. The group soon realizes they are Ettercaps.
The Battle is a frenzied attack and the heroes do their best to protect the caravan.

Unfortunately, Zatara suffers a blow from her friend Hadrar and his long sword. Then Hadrar’s luck continues to be bad as he swings his sword in a powerful down stoke and hits a rock, which breaks his sword in half. Stunned for a moment he switches to his quarter staff and continues the fight.

The Magnificent 7 finally slay the monsters and keep the livestock safe.



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