Magnificent Seven’s Rise of Tiamat!

Strangers in our Midst

The Caravan comes to a way station were new wagons and travelers join the group in their trek north. Among the newcomers is a female gnome, who seems to be up to something. Nizitz and Callie draw on the knowledge of the secret thief’s language and discover she is in fact a rouge on a mission. The gnomes name is Jamna Gleamsilver and Callie figures out she is working for “The Black Network” known as Zhentarim.

She warns them to keep an eye on another new human member who “purchased” a ride with the cultists. He is dressed in robes trying to conceal his blood red robes underneath and wears a woolen cap trying to conceal his bald head and tattoos. The Magnificent 7 suspect he is a Red Wizard of Thay. They learn his name is Azabara Jos.

Days later Jamna sits down with the heroes at breakfast and quickly grabs Helja’s bowl of oatmeal. The rouge moves her dagger blade around the bowl and brings out a small bead. She explains that it is a poisoned needle bead, once eaten the needle expands and poisons the victim. Jamna warns the group to be careful. Nizitz not taking a fellow rouge at their word, does some investigating and tells the group he is not convinced about the threat. He believes Jamna may have planted the poison herself to gain their trust.

The Female Rouge asks to meet with the group later that evening. At that meeting she ask for their help investigating the cultists wagon. The Magnificent 7 decline to help.

The next morning one of the cultist is found dead. Stabbed by a short sword in the back. The Remaining cultist accuse Nizitz of killing their friend. He has a short sword and there were gnome tracks around were the body was found. After much arguing and accusations it is decided that since there are no witnesses or other evidence the murder will go unsolved and the caravan will continue on.



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