Magnificent Seven’s Rise of Tiamat!

The Golden Hind

During the journey the caravan experiences a beautiful sunny day. Soon they see a heard of deer on a hill adjacent to the trail. The caravan comes to a stop and decides to rustle up some fresh venison to eat. They then notice a beautiful and powerful golden stag in amongst the deer.

Its’ fur looks like spun gold and its antlers made of platinum. Many of the members of the caravan become excited at the prospect of bringing down the stag and chase after it into the forest. Zatara, Arthur, Hadrar, Callie, and Pete chase after the hunters trying to convince them to leave the stag alone. After journeying over 1500 yards into the forest, the heroes find some old ruins. Inside the ruins Zatara finds an elf prince, who has golden skin and small antlers coming out of his head.

He tells her he is ancient prince and this once was his castle and he has been cursed. Every time he leaves his castle, he turns into the stag. Zatara promises to help him and he gives her a +1 Long Bow and vanishes into the mist telling her not all will survive the trip north.



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