Magnificent Seven’s Rise of Tiamat!

Fungus Humongous

The Caravan finds itself bogged down in a torrential rain storm for several days. They make camp as they can travel no farther.

The next morning The Magnificent 7 find the entire caravan surround by fast growing mushrooms. They are everywhere and as you step on them or crush them they seem to let out a small moan or cry of pain, along with a small puff of smoke.

As the group watches the fungus and wonders what to do, they notice the mushrooms are growing quite fast. What was small champagne cork sized growths; are now half a foot tall and it has only been an hour. The livestock started to become more and more skittish as each plant is killed.

Arthur and Nizitz quickly come with a plan to clear a path so the caravan can move away from the mushrooms. Arthur, Zatara, Hadrar and Nizitz begin hacking and clearing a path for the wagons to move out on. As they do so the moaning and cries intensifies. Suddenly Zatara is overcome by grief, sorrow and depression and falls to the ground shaken and unable to move.

Once the group is clear of the fungus Arthur uses his newly gained powers as a Paladin to “Lay Healing Hands” on Zatara and it cures her of her immobilizing depression and grief. Unfortunately, it is two days before the poison of the mushrooms works its way out of her system and the night terror stop.

The wagons and Heroes continue north to Waterdeep.

Wagons Ho!

The Magnificent 7 sets off with the caravan from Baldurs Gate North across The Fields of the Dead heading toward the city of Waterdeep. They learn that prior to their departure a small group of possible cult members and a female Black Dragon Born left in advance of the caravan on the road north.

The Caravan departs and the wagons make their way across the rolling hills and fields. As the wagons descend a hill and are forced to make a sharp turn one of the suspected Dragon Cult Wagons doesn’t quite make the turn. The Wagon Flips over dumping its’ contents across the road. One of the crates break open revealing lots of valuables wrapped in protective cloth hidden in the crates are revealed. The Cultist extremely upset at the possible revelation of who and what they really are; quickly move to right the wagon and load it quickly.

While Zatara, Arthur, Hadrar and Helja helped right the wagon, Nizitz and Callie “Helped” repack the valuable items back in the crates and their pockets.

Without much more ado or commotion the caravn set off again to the North.


The Magnificent 7 journeys to the city of Elturel and begin to look for Leosin and his friend the Paladin. The group replenishes supplies and finds themselves in a tavern called the “A Pair of Black Antlers.”

Here they find a group of Adventurers and Warriors drinking, playing games of skill and doing feats of physical strength and agility. They meet up with the Paladin named Ontharr Frume who is a friend of Leosin the monk.

After several pitchers of mead, ale and wine the crowd at the tavern thins out. Ontharr leads the group to a small secluded room, were Leosin enters and joins the group. Both Leosin and Ontharr thank the heroes for the information they have gathered and reveal to them that they are part of two organizations wholes goals are to fight evil in the land. Ontharr belongs to the Order of the Gauntlet and Leosin is a member of the Harpers. They offer membership to the party, but only Nizitz takes the offer and joins the Harpers.
The Magnificent 7 then take up the mission offered by the pair of Adventurers to blend in and follow the treasure caravan, which has been spotted heading north towards Baldurs Gate. Before leaving Ontharr gives Hadrar and Arthur magical bracelets which will disguise them as no descript human fighters. Since a one eared knight and a dragon born would stick out, they both accept and morph into human fighters.

The heroes then take river boats to the city of Baldurs Gate in search of the caravan.

Dragon Hatchery
Or "Hey did that rock move?"

The Magnificent 7 move onto a ledge overlooking a cavern, and think they see strange, large oval shapes resting in the cave. As they get ready to move done a set of stairs and investigate, the last remaining Kobolds begin lobbing glue and fire bombs at them.
Arthur and Hadrar charge down the stairs to engage the enemy after freeing some their friends from the glue. As they do they see the Kobolds retreating and yelling the word “dinner!”

Arthur gives battle to two guard drakes as Callie, Zatara, Helja and Pete stay above and try to pin down the Kobolds with magic and arrow fire.

Hadrar pauses for a moment and wonders why the Kobolds yelled what they did and Nizitz stops on the stairs also wondering if that was the attack call for the drakes. Then they both see a rock move. The Rock opens an eye and a gapping mouth of sharp rock like teeth. Tentacles sprout from the rock and ensnare Hadrar. The Roper begins to pull Hadrar towards its mouth as Nizitz leaps into action. Nizitz picks up a drake that Arthur had slain and throws it to the Roper. The Roper feeds on the drake and pauses its attack on Hadrar. Unfortunately, the Roper entangles Nizitz as well, it is very hungry and the two heroes struggle to break free.

The rest of the group, having slain the Kobolds and Drakes, began to attack the Roper. Hadrar and Nizitz free themselves and help slay the Roper.

The group then destroys the dragon eggs they have discovered and leave the cave system tired and ready for the next adventure.

Revenge in the Shrine
Arthur and Helja get their weapons

The Party cautiously crept down the tunnel and found themselves in a shrine dedicated to Tiamat. There was a mural on the wall showing her rising from a Volcano. The group also found the twin to Langdedrosa Cyanwrath, known as Fangdedrosa Cyanwrath, along with two human Berserks and Frulan Mondath.

A furious battle ensued, but the villains are no match for The Magnificent 7. Arthur and Helja are reunited with their missing magical weapons.

After defeating them the party searches the room and discovers a small wooden chest, decorated with black dragons. Nizitz carefully examines the chest and discovers it is trapped. He masterfully picks the lock and opens the chest without setting off the trap. He discovers the chest contains a string of pearls, gems and a ring.

After clearing the room, The Magnificent 7 move check out the final chamber of this dragon cult lair.

Koblods Ahead
The stairs are tricky

After Arthur had been healed and resurrected the party continues deeper into the cave. Nizitz and Callie discover a stair case leading down. The powers of perception are good and they quickly detect that the stairs are rigged with a dead fall.

After warning the party, The Magnificent 7 carefully negotiate the stairs and discover that they lead to a barracks of Koblods. The Kobolds alerted from the noise of the fight in the Drake Nursery immediately attack the heroes. After several rounds of fighting and swearing the party defeats all the Kobolds and loots the area of some minor treasure and coin.

They then discover another tunnel which leads further on into the cave.

Drake Nursery
Kobolds do get lucky

The heroes now very deep in the cave, discover the part of the cave that serves as a nursery for the Drakes. The nursery is guarded by several Kobolds, some of whom have wings and seem to be in charge of the others.

Nizitz discovers the guards after Arthur throws him passed a trapped part of the tunnel. After he flies over the trap, he rolls, sticks the landing and comes face to face with Koblods (one with wings).

Hadrad sees this and exclaims, ‘Wings?!”

After the rest of the group negotiates the trap the fight commences. The fight is furious and heated. The group is facing several kobold and drakes.

Callie misfires on of her arrows and strikes herself in the leg. Luckily it is not fatal and she will live to fight another day.

Arthur however does not have the same luck. As the group has just about defeated all of the enemies in this part of the cave, a lowly Koblod warrior score a lucky strike. He finds a gap in Arthur’s armor and gives him a mortal chest wound. Arthur falls dead at the top of the stairs.

Hadrar calls out to Helja to rescue Arthur, but there are still some enemies to be slain. Which the group rallies and finishes off quickly.

Helja, kneels at Arthur’s side and draws on her divine power, she casts a spell. The gods are kind and Arthur is brought back from the dead, he lies weak and shaken on at the top of the stairs in the Drake Nursery.

The Adventurers stand wondering what else lies waiting for them in this cave.

Meat lockers and Trash Dumps
or "What is a Troglodyte anyway?"

Further into the cave the group finds a cave were the villains store their meat, and easily avoid the trap set at its entrance.

They then discover, the “trash dump” part of the cave and Pete and Arthur spy some shinny items in the refuse. Unfortunately, in retrieving the items, they draw the attention of several Troglodytes.

The Troglodytes began to attack the party, excited at the prospects of fresh meat.

The Magnificent 7 are able to defeat the subterranean carnivores and secure a small amount of precious gems and jewelry.

Cave Flora and Fauna

The adventurers return back into the entry way of the cave and find a set of stairs leading down deeper into the cave. At the bottom of the stairs they find two paths leading through a carpet of fungus. As Nizitz steps on the bottom step, it is revealed it’s a trap and he tumbles into the fungus.

Nizitz finds himself faced with four Violet fungi which immediately attack him. As he battles the fungus, he is quickly joined by two more members of his party as Pete and Helja also fall prey to the stair trap.

The group battles the fungi and finally defeats the noxious plants.

The proceed into the next cavern in which the path takes them and finds a huge roost of bats. Trying to their best to sneak by quietly and not disturb the bats, the Magnificent 7’s leader fails miserably at this task.

Arthur in his plate armor, is unable to move quietly and instead sounds like tin pot thrown down a set of stairs.

The Bats immediately take flight and surge past the heroes. Leaving behind 10 Stirges who quickly swoop down to attack the party. One manages to strike and attach itself to Zatara. Lucky for Zatara, Helja moves up and squashes the overgrown bug with her warm hammer, saving Zatara.

The Magnificent 7 are able to defeat the Stirges and move deeper into the cave.

Mondath's Room
Intel of note discovered

Inside the barracks the group finds a passage to another room.

As the heroes investigate, they find it is the personal quarters of Frulam Mondath. They find a table with maps, ledgers and parchments full of bad poetry about dragons. One of the maps has an arrow drawn on it pointing toward the west on the Trade Way road toward the town of Beregost and then from there an arrow going north. On one of the ledgers, which appears to be an inventory, has a note written on it. The note says, “Everything must be freighted north to Naerytar. Rezmir allowed us to keep some pearls, a ring, a battle axe, a mace and a handful of stones.”

Nizitz finds a hidden chute with a rope ladder. He climbs down and investigates, he finds a narrow tunnel leading to a room. The room appears to be a Shrine to Tiamat and it has four occupants. The room has a blue dragon born, Mondath and two human Berserkers.

Nizitz quickly climbs back up the ladder and relays what he found to his friends. The group decides to sweep around, instead of trying to attack single file from a tunnel.


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