Magnificent Seven’s Rise of Tiamat!


The hustle and bustle of Carnarth Roadhouse is over seen by a large Half Orc named Bog Luck. He directs the wagons and the off-loading of the same. Our heroes notice that he marks certain crates which are separated and store in a special room, inside the warehouse area.

Later that night while everyone is at the tavern having drinks and food, Nizitz sneaks a peek at Bog lucks room. He discovers that Bog Luck is more smart than he pretends, as he discovers books on history and science. Unfortunately, he finds of nothing of use for the heroes.

Callie on the other hand, sneaks out of the tavern and stealthily breaks into the warehouse. Here she discovers a group of lizard folk unloading the marked crates and smuggling valuables out of a tunnel.

Meanwhile Helja gets called out in the tavern by one of the cultist and is challenged to a duel. Restricted from using magic, Halja uses her martial skills and defeats her foe, earning the respect of the tavern goers.

Callie reports her intel to the group and they decide to follow this new clue. The party sneaks into the warehouse and then makes their way into the secret tunnel. The tunnel leads several hundred yards from the roadhouse and opens into the swamp and marsh.

The Magnificent 7 wonder what lies in store for them in the Mere of Dead Men.


As the party begins to descend out of the hills and approach the marsh lands, they find themselves traveling next to a tree line and a river. Everyone in the caravan seems tense and on edge. The Caravan captain seems a little less phased, since they are approaching the Mere of the Dead and the final destination is close.

Suddenly from the tree line a battle horn is heard and javelins begin to rain down on the convoy. Orcs appear from the tall grass and begin to attack the convoy. The Magnificent 7 charge into action!

Arthur takes on the leader, which turns out to be an Ogre. There is a tremendous back and forth, but Arthur handles himself brilliantly and slays the Ogre; however when the ogre falls dead, it falls on Arthur. He is trap under an Ogre for a while as the massive bulk keeps him pinned down.

Meanwhile Zatara fights mightily against several orcs and swings her sword in a blinding fury. So furiously that she makes several fumbles and even at one point hurts herself with her own sword; in the long run though she defeats every foe that stands before her.

Callie launches arrows like Zeus’s lightning bolts and slays Orcs left and right. While Hadrar works his way around to protecting Callie’s flank, with his sword.

Pete Lightmagic casts his magic and enhances his defense with a shield of flame, only to be struck unconscious by a near fatal hit from an Orc club.

Helja takes a massive blow from an Orc, but is able to hold on and slay him.

In the end the Magnificent 7 are able to defeat the raiding party and safely get the caravan to the roadhouse.

North of WaterDeep

Our Adventurers get ready to leave Waterdeep as members of the High Road Charter Company, when a suspected member of the dragon cult bumps into Helja. He look at her and says “haven’t we met?” Helja quickly says no, but his look lingers as he walks away.
The caravan leaves Waterdeep and heads north to Carnath Roadhouse. Not far out the city as the group makes its way through foothills, before descending into the marsh lands a strange storm starts to form. It’s strange because, the day was sunny and bright with no clouds in the sky at all, then suddenly dark clouds formed and began to rain. Thunder, lighting and unrelenting rain convince the Caravan Master to call it an early day at a top a small rise in the forest and the party makes camp.

Trying to stay dry in the torrent isn’t easy, but our heroes manage to do it. Nizitz takes the opportunity to do a little spying, which unfortunately turns up little results.

In the waning hours of night, there is heard a loud crack, as a lightning bolt streaks down and strikes a tree near the camp. The tree falls and almost hits Helja as she sleeps. Luckily the wagon she is sleeping under saves her. The wagon bears the weight of the tree and keeps it from crushing everything under it.

After some commotion, Pete Lightmagic’s familiar comes up to him and lets him know the source of the lighting is magical. A few moments later Nizitz’s familiar, Fizz, scampers up to him with a parchment and he is able to discern that this was a scroll with possibly two spells on it.

The strange storm and lighting bolt seem now to have an explantion!


Finally, the caravan arrives at Waterdeep. The Magnificent 7 are paid their wages and told if ever they are looking for work the Merchants would be happy to hire them.

Nizitz with Hadrar contact the local militia and collect the bounty on the assassins and an extra bit, for uncovering the murder plot. They get 1500 gold pieces for the party.

The group learns that the Black Dragon Born has been here and headed north a tenday ago. They also learn from the Harpers that cultist seem disappear between Waterdeep and Neverwinter on the road North.

The Magnificent 7 go and get themselves hired by the High Road Charter Company. This company is moving construction supplies and workers’ north to work on the road between Neverwinter and Waterdeep. There journey will take them to Carnath Roadhouse. Nizitz remembers some of the cultists talking about getting to a roadhouse earlier. They also see a familiar female gnome who has signed on as a guard for this trip.

Once again the heroes head north in search of the cult leader.


The trek comes to spot on the road were they see what appears to be a head in the road. The heroes quickly discover it is a man buried up to his neck in the road. He has the word Oathbreaker written across his head.

Most of the travelers and merchants elect to let the gods decide his fate and leave him as he is. Arthur and the rest of 7 decided they will help him. They dig him out and discover he is actually a member of the Harpers and was on a similar mission as the Magnificent 7 is.

The heroes release him and send him on his way.

No Room at the Inn

Traveling through a torrential rain storm and soaked to the bone the Magnificent 7 and rest of the caravan find themselves at a roadside inn. It is very warm looking and the smell of fresh homemade food is overwhelming.

The heroes enter the inn and find a kindly, but scared portly inn keeper. He lets the adventurers know that there is no room here, as it has been booked up, along with the stables. He points to six nobles seated around the table in the common room and says these men have bought the whole place out for the night. The nobles give a derisive smirk toward Arthur and his friends.

Arthur is having none of it. He moves immediately to forcibly eject the nobles from the inn. Nizitz and Callie notice the nobles move with a speed and grace not natural for a noble and they are all armed with short swords.

Zatara recognizes one of the men as a wanted man and another as the Assassin who tried to kill her and Callie before this adventure began. It quickly becomes apparent they entire group is made up of skilled assassins.

The fight is fast and furious, but the Magnificent 7 prevail. Nizitz, with his eyes always on the prize, takes some heads to collect bounty in Waterdeep. The group finds plans of a murder plot on the assassins for leaders of Waterdeep.

The Golden Hind

During the journey the caravan experiences a beautiful sunny day. Soon they see a heard of deer on a hill adjacent to the trail. The caravan comes to a stop and decides to rustle up some fresh venison to eat. They then notice a beautiful and powerful golden stag in amongst the deer.

Its’ fur looks like spun gold and its antlers made of platinum. Many of the members of the caravan become excited at the prospect of bringing down the stag and chase after it into the forest. Zatara, Arthur, Hadrar, Callie, and Pete chase after the hunters trying to convince them to leave the stag alone. After journeying over 1500 yards into the forest, the heroes find some old ruins. Inside the ruins Zatara finds an elf prince, who has golden skin and small antlers coming out of his head.

He tells her he is ancient prince and this once was his castle and he has been cursed. Every time he leaves his castle, he turns into the stag. Zatara promises to help him and he gives her a +1 Long Bow and vanishes into the mist telling her not all will survive the trip north.


The group comes across some wagons going north that are pinned down by an attack of Hobgoblins. The Magnificent 7 leap into action as the rest of the caravan comes under attack. They quickly dispatch the hobgoblins and Hadrar is pleased with the mending that Nizitz did on his sword.

The stranded merchants are very happy and quickly purchase new draft horses from the caravan and join up as they travel north.

The Heroes notice a certain female gnome doesn’t appear to be around anymore.

Strangers in our Midst

The Caravan comes to a way station were new wagons and travelers join the group in their trek north. Among the newcomers is a female gnome, who seems to be up to something. Nizitz and Callie draw on the knowledge of the secret thief’s language and discover she is in fact a rouge on a mission. The gnomes name is Jamna Gleamsilver and Callie figures out she is working for “The Black Network” known as Zhentarim.

She warns them to keep an eye on another new human member who “purchased” a ride with the cultists. He is dressed in robes trying to conceal his blood red robes underneath and wears a woolen cap trying to conceal his bald head and tattoos. The Magnificent 7 suspect he is a Red Wizard of Thay. They learn his name is Azabara Jos.

Days later Jamna sits down with the heroes at breakfast and quickly grabs Helja’s bowl of oatmeal. The rouge moves her dagger blade around the bowl and brings out a small bead. She explains that it is a poisoned needle bead, once eaten the needle expands and poisons the victim. Jamna warns the group to be careful. Nizitz not taking a fellow rouge at their word, does some investigating and tells the group he is not convinced about the threat. He believes Jamna may have planted the poison herself to gain their trust.

The Female Rouge asks to meet with the group later that evening. At that meeting she ask for their help investigating the cultists wagon. The Magnificent 7 decline to help.

The next morning one of the cultist is found dead. Stabbed by a short sword in the back. The Remaining cultist accuse Nizitz of killing their friend. He has a short sword and there were gnome tracks around were the body was found. After much arguing and accusations it is decided that since there are no witnesses or other evidence the murder will go unsolved and the caravan will continue on.

Spider Wood

As the caravan winds its’ way north, they come across some woods. No sooner do they enter the wood as three giant spiders try to ambush the group and take their horses and draft animals. The Magnificent 7 having faced big bugs before doesn’t even blink before going into battle. At this moment three more monsters exit the woods, these bipedal monstrosities look like a cross between a spider and human. The group soon realizes they are Ettercaps.
The Battle is a frenzied attack and the heroes do their best to protect the caravan.

Unfortunately, Zatara suffers a blow from her friend Hadrar and his long sword. Then Hadrar’s luck continues to be bad as he swings his sword in a powerful down stoke and hits a rock, which breaks his sword in half. Stunned for a moment he switches to his quarter staff and continues the fight.

The Magnificent 7 finally slay the monsters and keep the livestock safe.


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